Cobrancosa EVOO — Portugal

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Robust Intensity

*Crush Date: November 2017 

Historically one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere EVOOs, the Portuguese Cobrançosa is most complex. Lingering floral notes, a creamy middle and savory herb notes dominate this unique Portuguese variety. Our “Cobra” has developed a loyal following.

*Biophenols: 376.7 ppm
*Oleic Acid: 67.9
*DAGs: 96.8
*FFA: 0.20 *Peroxide: 6.6
*PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 5.5 Bitterness: 3.8 Pungency: 3.8

*As measured at the time of crush.

Country of origin: PORTUGAL