Coratina EVOO — Chile

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Robust Intensity

*Crush Date: May 2018 

Our Chilean Coratina is remarkably high in both phenols and oleic acid, as evidenced by the desirable chili pepper sensations on the palate, making it a very healthy choice.  It displays prominent tasting notes of cinnamon and wild grass, is loaded with pepper notes, and is wonderfully bitter, pungent and well balanced.

*Biophenols: 644.8 ppm
*Oleaic Acid: 79.5 
*DAGs: 95.7
*FFA: 0.19 
*Peroxide: 6.3 
*PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment: Fruitiness: 5.5 Bitterness: 5.0 Pungency: 5.0

*As measured at the time of crush.

Country of origin: CHILE