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Chiquitita EVOO — Portugal

Chiquitita EVOO — Portugal

Intensity: Mild

*Crush Date: November 2021

This Portuguese Olive Oil has a sweet creamy almond center followed by delicate flora notes and fleeting pepperiness.  A real crowd pleaser. Ideal for baking! 

*Biophenols: 182.1 PPM              *FFA: 0.16
*Oleic Acid: 69.1                        *Peroxide: 5.8
*DAGs: 95.6                              *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:  Fruitiness: 3.9 Bitterness: 2.8 Pungency: 2.8

(*) As measured at the time of crush.

Country of origin:  PORTUGAL

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