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Hojiblanca EVOO — Australia

Hojiblanca EVOO — Australia


Mild Intensity

Crush Date: May 2022


Our ever popular Australian Hojiblanca has high fruit aroma and a creamy mouth feel with notes of stone fruit, tomato leaf and green almond. The finish is delicate with a pleasing amount of pepperiness.


*Biophenols: 186.3 ppm            FFA: 0.17

Oleic Acid: 75.5                        Peroxide: 4.7

DAGs: 94.5                              *PPP: 0.3

Squalene: 8,320.1                 A-Tocopherols: 329


Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 5.0     Bitterness: 2.8     Pungency: 3.0

*As measured at the time of crush.


Country of Origin: Australia

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